New Beginnings, Reflections, and Miracles?

Hi there. How have you been? I’ve missed you.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Not a blog post. Not an article. Not even journaled! This is the woman who has journaled every day for the last 4 years (and periodically before then). I’ve been focused on other things these days, but I’m back baby! 🙂

I woke up this morning with the need to write a post. I have so much to tell you!

As I scanned my brain through all the things to write about, I landed on sharing my thoughts on new beginnings as that’s what’s heaviest on my heart today.

Isn’t it beautiful how the new year brings about a metaphorically clean slate? A new day with new possibilities. It’s a time in which we think about resolutions, or maybe you choose a word of the year?

You may write it down on a word document as a contract to yourself, or type it out on a note in your phone. Do you talk to your friends or partner about your aspirations for the new year? Whatever you do- whether you start today, mid- year, or on January 1st, there is unity in that this topic of discussion is happening globally. Right now. A new year. A clean start full of hope, dreams, and wishes. How beautiful is that?!? We’re all in this together.

As I reflect back on this year and think forward on what I want for my personal and professional life in 2019, I did all the things. I spoke to my partner. I typed out my goals- the overall goal and the action items to get there. I chose a word of the year (WOY). I thought back on my previous “WOYs” and reflect on how the same word meant one thing on January 1st and had a completely different meaning by the end of each year. Don’t get me wrong, it was in a good way. My 2018 WOY was “True” as in “be true to you”. Boy did that word help me grow in new ways! I couldn’t have picked a better theme for 2018.

My 2019 word was chosen about two months ago. In fact, the word chose me. I kept coming across the word over and over in different settings, like a sign. It damn near beat me over the head. One fine day in October, I gave in and said, “Okay Universe! I hear you!” I scribbled the word down on a pink sticky note and stuck it to my glass desk as if I’d forget it by January. I’ve been staring at the word daily since as it keeps coming up for me in life only confirming my WOY decision fully.

My chosen 2019 word of the year is “Miracle.”

I look forward to sharing more details on why the word Miracle resonates with me in an upcoming post in due time. And I look forward to understanding what it will mean throughout the year for me.

Before I head out to carry on with the day and write more articles for you (hehe..I told you I have a lot to say) I need to tell you about my most recent podcast interview on the Christy Osoria Show.

Before any book related public speaking event I’ve done this year, I take a few moments to meditate and center myself to be true to me and the people around me. I completed the same ritual before this interview and it was my most comfortable interview experience yet. I believe speaking our truth is the bravest thing we’ll ever do. I thank Christy for the beautiful space she created that gave us both the ability to hold the conversation we had loaded with the complicated topics of marriage, relationships, #metoo, and body positivity. Tune into episode 19 and be sure to send Christy and I some love and your thoughts on the episode.

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Much love and light to you as we close out our 2018 chapter. Best wishes to you and yours in the new beginning.

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