Announcing- I’m a CERTIFIED Integrative Health Coach!

Hi everybody! Happy January (Almost February)! 

I hope your 2019 is off to a fantastic start!
The hustle was real in 2018 between the many hats I wear. This year, I have decided to slow down (just a bit), because let’s get real, I enjoy staying busy.

I announced last June that I became a proud Integrative Health Coach. What you may not know is that about a week later, I decided to apply for certification.

Applying meant that I had to commit continued hours of coursework and start seeing clients (eek), meet with a peer group, and meet with a mentor. This was especially challenging to take on during a book tour, working full time, two community volunteer roles, and my other personal roles and tasks. 

Well guys, I did it! I knew it would be intense and busy, but it would also be temporary and a step closer in the direction I wanted to head in. 

I am now so very happy and proud to tell you that I am a CERTIFIED Integrative Health Coach trained at no other than the reputable Duke Integrative Medicine. 

On the last day of my foundation course earlier last year, we were encouraged to choose two items from a variety of small toys placed at the center of the room, one to symbolize what we planned to leave behind and in the past, the other to symbolize what we would take with us. We gathered our two items, were instructed to explain our items and then throw the one we would leave behind back into the center of the room.

I grabbed a bright red shiny stone and a small toy steering wheel. The red stone caught my eye because red to me symbolizes power, drive, and stress. I grabbed the wheel as what I would take with me. I explained to the group that I wouldn’t throw the stone back in, but I would take it with me. The wheel along with it would serve as a reminder that I steer the ship. I control my destiny. I make the decisions. I have the power to go left right, slow, or fast. I will always have a little red in me, but the wheel will remind me that I’m in control. Both toys sit on my desk as a reminder to me of what they mean.

I’m steering this bad boy guys! 2019 is going to be one awesome, miraculous year and I am ready for it!

Read more about my Integrative Health Coaching Journey here. 

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