Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

I met someone for coffee the other day to discuss potentially doing business together. What started off as business first, turned into a two and a half hour conversation about the miracles of life and the law of attraction. She shared all the “coincidences” that kept occurring in her life which led her to be in the position she’s in in her career. I told her I didn’t believe in coincidences, only miracles, and I didn’t think it was “crazy”, a word she used to describe the wild occurrences when she spoke things into existence. The circumstances that she is finding herself in and people she has met that are helping her build her vision is simply put— beautiful. 

As my new friend shared her story, I smiled and then proceeded to tell her about the last three weeks of my life. 

About three weeks ago, my younger sister in Panama sent me a message inviting me to go on a whale watching tour with her in early to mid August. It’s whale season there and she thought it would be a fun activity to do together. I examined the dates on the promotion noticing the funny timing of something else I had already written in my calendar for those dates.

It doesn’t take much arm twisting for me to make a trip back home, my sister knows this I think, so I set up a flight watch to keep an eye on prices. The price that day was the average $800. The fight was expensive to me having just returned from a trip to Panama only three months ago. I explained this to her and also told her that I had sent my passport off to get renewed and it would be weeks before I’d get it back. 

I got home from work that Friday and my passport was sitting in my mailbox. Funny Universe.

That Sunday, my sister sent me a second promotional flyer on the whale watching trip. At this point, I look at flights again and found one for less than half the cost of the average plane ticket. Amazed by this second sign from the Universe, I very quickly talked to my husband and booked the incredible plane ticket within minutes. I called my sister and my grandmother to share the exciting news immediately.

The week of my trip coincides with the International Book Fair in Panama, a worldwide event with an expected foot traffic of 100,000 attendants over the course of six days. It’s a reader’s dream to meet and greet the authors and peruse through books at one convention center for this well known traveling event.

Weeks before my sister had reached out to me about the whale trip, my aunt name dropped the famous International Book Fair. She told me of plans to attend it in Madrid and mentioned the upcoming stop in Panama. I looked up the dates and entered it into my calendar with the high, very high hopes to at the very least be able to attend the event as a guest if I was to be able to return to Panama so soon.  A girl can dream, right?

The very next day after booking my flight, I was presented with the opportunity to sign books at the International Book Fair and preparations began for this to be a real thing for me. 

I am overjoyed to share that I will not only be doing a Book Signing Event at the Fair on Friday and Saturday, the Fair’s busiest days, but have also been granted the honor to give a fifty minute presentation in my very own hall at the Fair! 

My jaw dropped again as I type this out to you. 

For the past year, my prayers have been very intentional- to be led to do good work in the world and be used to serve for the greater good. I say this prayer every single day amongst my gratitude list and prayers for my loved ones. 

Everyday I’m open to what I’m presented with since releasing this consistent prayer.  I insightfully examine the opportunities that seem to fall on my lap somewhat effortlessly and those doors that look shiny, appealing and are right in front of me, but won’t open despite how much I think I want to yank at it. 

I come from a hustle hard background, meaning work hard to get what you want is the only way to advance in life. I’m an immigrant, first person to go to college in my immediate family in the USA. I paid my own tuition, bought all my cars, my home, all my possessions without assistance. My first paid job was at 13 years old cleaning houses getting paid cash under the table. I can rattle off the many interesting ways I’ve earned money before my career including selling my plasma on a weekly basis to make gas money for college. I have worked to earn every penny in my bank account. I get the hustle life. I know that life too well. 

However now, I argue the school of thought that there is a balance between the Hustle life and the Alignment life.

I had blinders on in my hustle only years- too focused on what was directly in front of me. I was forcing through to get to what I wanted, and somehow not seeing much further than that.

One can pray, dream, believe, ask for signs, and be open to where you’re being led to be and get somewhere. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t put in the work. When that door opens, you have to walk through it and there’s real deep work that comes with it. More on this in a future article. 

This shift in thinking is so fearful for me, but mostly it’s been faithful. Faith in the process. Faith in the work. Faith of where it will lead. 

And I as I type this out, know that I am scared. I’m frightened as hell to go speak in Panama. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to fill a room of people who’ll want to hear me speak with less than two weeks time to promote my event. I’m mortified that I’ll forget a word in Spanish that I’ll only know in English. I worry I won’t sell all my books. I feel pressured to make a great impression with bookstores I want to build a relationship with. I worry that my week of networking and building connections will get in the way of being present with my family in the little precious time I have with them.  There is so much fear that shows up for me with this big break, but I’m showing up anyway because that’s what you do when you’re gutsy- honor that fear, but not sit in it too long. Shift to the positive and gratitude of the greatness that is in all of this. 

I share this wild story with you on how I came about this incredible opportunity and can share so many more miracle moments like these that have happened to me when I started to shift my thinking. This also led me to find myself surrounded by more people who believe in the power of positivity and the law of attraction. Hearing their stories and what may seem like coincidences makes me smile big because witnessing moments like these are nothing short of miraculous. 

Set your intentions high and dream big my friends. Be open and aware of those signs and gut feelings leading you to where you need to be and want to be. 

If you don’t believe me, listen to Oprah. She’s got a lot to say about the law of attraction. 

6 thoughts on “Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

  1. Good read.. Good read.. Good read. Work the laws and watch the laws work for you! 馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑

  2. felicitaciones prima, leo todo esto y cada d铆a me llena de orgullo ver como la peque帽a ni帽a t铆mida que jugaba conmigo en casa de los t铆os aya en Colon, a crecido y logrado grandes 茅xitos con mucho sacrifico y dedicaci贸n

    besos y muchas bendiciones para ti

    1. Muchas gracias prima. Gracias por leer mis art铆culos y por estar pendiente de mis noticias y carrera. Tambi茅n por tus amables palabras y apoyo. Te quiero mucho y espero verte la pr贸xima vez que este en Panama. Besos y un fuerte abrazo <3.

  3. Rosy,

    This is an amazing blog post! It was right on time, so I thank you so much for sharing. Faith is so powerful and fear is only temporary. I鈥檒l be doing my part to be more intentional about attracting and praying for things greater than what is in front of me.
    Great read!

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