Calling for Interns

I’m excited to share that I’m looking for a Marketing & Social Media Intern!

This is big! HUGE for me! Do you want to know why?!?

Well for one thing, I never ask for help. That alone should be celebrated, but second- as a Writer and Health Coach, I’m a Solopreneur. This means I do all of my work alone. I wear all the hats. I think of my own content, develop presentations, edit my work, draw up contracts, email clients, follow up with clients, etc. I’m the creative and manage the business. I market myself, do the work, and make sure I get paid.

Wearing all the hats can be conflicting and challenging. Although I’ve managed to make it work for the last couple of years on my own, I have to admit that working alone has slowed me down from the expansion ideas I’m excited to launch. While I’ve had wonderful people help me here and there, it’s time to make this a legitimate opportunity for the right person.

Is your answer “Yes” to all of these?

I’m looking for a second brain. The best person for this role is a great brainstorming partner. This person will know how to market to my audience and challenge ideas outside of that. Are you excited about playing a role in developing positive, heart- happy, and healthy content? Are you an influencer? Are you a good editor? Is it easy for you to catch writing mistakes and misspellings? Are you familiar with mail chimp, all social media platforms, and graphic design programs? Are you self- motivated, organized, and overall positive attitude driven? Are you often complimented for your smile and energy you bring into a room? Do you practice self care routines? Are you a wordsmith? Do inspirational quotes motivate you? Does work that empowers women lay on your heart? Are you a book lover who digs works of Elizabeth Gilbert, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Glennon Doyle, Maya Angelou, and other women who spread positive and empowering messages for women? Have you read all these questions so far, rather than skimming the article? Above all, do you love a good to do list and get pleasure from marking them complete?

Transparency is key so here are some things you should know and consider to determine if this opportunity is right for you:

  • This is an unpaid internship.
  • Expenses and mileage directly related to the job will be reimbursed with prior approval.
  • You can do this work in your pajamas from home, with the exception of occasional in person meetings, event attendance, and networking meetings.
  • If you enjoy networking, opportunities to be social and in front of people will be presented. And if you don’t like to network- you should totally do it anyway. Networking gets better with practice.
  • Weekly hours will vary but expectation is approximately 3-5 hours per week for a 3 month term.

The right person sees this as an opportunity to be a part of a growing brand, take part in positively influencing the community, and gain professional experience in marketing and social media influencing.

Internship Expectations:

Social Media:

  • Participate in content brainstorming sessions
  • Review, Schedule, Publish Content
  • Assist with Social Media Management
  • Craft Social Media Campaign
  • Track analytics and growth


  • Design flyers
  • Design Social Media content

Event Support:

  • Attend public events
  • Take pictures/Record Clips
  • Assist with book sales

*Must be in Charlotte, NC area. 

To apply, submit your resume to with subject line: Internship Position and if you’re a dog or cat lover :).

I’m excited to meet you and to see how much we can grow together.

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