Integrative Health Coaching Testimonials

“I was unsure at first on how beneficial a health coach can be in my personal life. After working with Ms. Rosy, her guidance on helping me reach my goals has definitely improved balance in my life. Ms. Rosy used different tools to suit my situation and it was FUN! I highly recommend her services for anyone seeking for a health coach.” ~ Dee

“I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for your professional partnership in my health coaching goals.  As an RN and someone who has had some training in the area of Health Coaching, I realize the value of having an encouraging partner to help me focus on my life map.  I was able to focus on some small but vital areas in my life to enhance to enable more joy and better health for myself.  I cannot stress the importance of health coaching enough.  While I can’t exactly describe the process, I know it works to make me a better person.  You have a gift in your professional guidance in the process.  Thank you for helping me be a better me.  I look forward to our continued sessions.” ~Gina

“Rosanny, I would like to thank you for the Integrative Health Coaching sessions. I learned how to breathe and do neck roll exercises to reduce stress quickly and started meditating nightly which also help relax my mind and body. Also, I was able to enhance my reading weekly.” ~ Janice