About Me

Hi. I’m Rosy.

Have you ever had this burning desire in the pit of your soul to fulfill this one specific thing in life? Do you think about it often? Do you smile when you daydream about it? Do you make up excuses for why you shouldn’t do this thing or why now isn’t a good time to begin? That was me and writing.

I love to write. I was the student that loved research paper assignments at school. The freedom of choosing my own writing topic was an added bonus. It was my opportunity to learn and write?! What a treat! I didn’t think being a writer outside of research papers and school assignments, or having a writing platform would be for me.  I was destined to be a teacher or a therapist. These were esteemed and realistic professions for me. Writing was just what I did for a grade. Being an Author was just a dream I kept to myself. Until I decided that dreams come true.

I love my family. I love every single one of my 11 siblings, our dads, our moms, and the extensions of each one of us. My family makes my world turn and my head spin and my heart beat.

I love my friends. I believe four quarters are better than 100 pennies. I have a small, tight knit circle that I love and that make me feel loved. My friends are my family.

I love food. I love to cook and host. Food is always at the center of any good gathering. I love experimenting with food and feeding my tribe. I don’t like to follow recipe instructions. Maybe it’s my stubbornness or my self -proclaimed healthy dose of the need to go against the masses. I keep measuring spoons and cups but rarely use them. I need to get over that if I ever write that cook book on my bucket list.

I love my community. Although I love my alone time to meditate, read, and reflect, I do love people. I don’t always want to interact with folks, but I believe in embracing people and participating in my community. Volunteer work, shopping local, supporting small businesses, sharing resources, and attending community events is my thing. There’s something so good about being a small part of a big circle that is fulfilling to me.

I love, Love. I named my Blog, “Love First” because it is a reminder to lead with love. This includes actions towards others as well as self-love.  The Love First Blog is content inspired with tools to practice being healthy and loving (inward and outward).

Let’s connect!